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Grunen's needs MORE DRINKS DAMNIT! Sake for sure. Wine as well.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Nicadeamus

Yeas. He needs a wider variety there in his bar. makes for boringness. Tequila too...

If you guys want more drinks and food... send me the messaging for them. I'll do them up if I've got the shit in front of me. What do I need exactly?

preparation message
drinking/eating message
empty/finished message

for the three messages I need the message the player sees and the message everyone in the room sees.

send them to my email or put them in a @bug
doesn't matter to me

Sake and wine in Grunen's? I pictured the place as a musty Euro-German beer house... but still.

yes, euro-german, must be.

The drome could handle the more exotic drinks.

Should open an oxygen bar on blue/green.

So if I do all those things for stuff I think it would be good to have in the 'Trix does what you said still hold true and you'll stick 'em on there?

*tries to look all cute so she'll get a yes*

If they're relevant to game play and I have time to put them in.. yes.