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A little greeting.

Not sure if this is the right thread to post this in....but meh.

I was poking about on another MOO/MUSH the other day. It was totally lame, but they had one great feature (In my opinion).

Everytime a guest connected there was an alert on the Guest channel. For example. Waigoren Guest has connected on the guest channel.

And everyone subscribed to the guest channel could and did welcome them, and give some advice on how to get started.

Not saying we need a designated Guest channel, just that a little chime saying. Guest so and so has connected at 10:blah pm. So we are aware guests are connected and we can welcome them because mostly when I notice Guests are online they've been idle for 20+ minutes.

Plus some interaction would give them just that little extra push and get them hooked so we can reel them in and get them to make a character.