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Guns N Ammo
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Mcgill

I think that you shouldn't be able to tell if a Gun is loaded just by lookingat it, maybe inspecting it or something. Dunno how that would work with Revolvers though.

Well, its like you know.  Looking at a progia and seeing the number.  If someone held it out for you, you would be able to see it.  So you have to use discrestion or whatever the word is spelled like.  If your standing across the room, your character wouldn't be able to tell.  

In otherwords, if you are standing across the room and you type "look <whatever> on <whoever>" and then take note of t's number or if it is loaded, you might just be a twink.

Please stop and think before you submit an idea.

If you look at a gun, you will instantly see if it has a clip in it or not. You will -KNOW- if it is 'LOADED' right off the bat.

You'll notice when you look at a gun it doesn't say 'You have 10 rounds left.'

It says 'The gun is loaded and ready to go.'

Like in the real owrld, you have to pull out the clip and count. (Doesn't work so well with revolvers, I know, but in general it is fine as is.)