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Gym (for martial-arts)

I may be directed to further pursue this idea ICly if I really want a "combat-gym" (using the term to clarify the distinction between gyms for fighters and gyms for bodybuilders), but do people find a gym for combative sport training appealing?

I am not proposing new code be made for sparring, training and the like. But a gym such as this would be great for the RP if only the RP.

I box in real life (amatuer competitions), so I'm familiar with what goes on in real gyms. Considering Withmore, though, I would believe a more brutal and lethal sport is favored. So, perhaps instead of a one-style-only gym (boxing, karate), a gym encompassing all striking styles would be a better idea? Which would leave room for a gym for grappling and submission styles to be made.

Or maybe a gym for boxers and only boxers would be more..vintage and simpler, I guess? I don't know. What do you guys think about the combat-sport situation in Withmore (especially Red sector)?

Definetly something to pursue IC.

Have you ever seen Fight Club?


may be directed to further pursue this ...

I direct you (as in, EVERYONE WITH A FRIGGING IDEA) to stop starting new topics before you do a quick search for the word 'gym' and add your thoughts to those who've thought them before you.

Yeah, this has definately already been discussed and, on a few occasions, has already taken place in the MOO.


Sorry for bringing it up? Seemed to have caused some impatience among some people.

BTW. I did search for gym before I posted. I'm not that ignorant.

Well, I did do a search for gym, and it did come up with the previous post about Gyms' by Biohazard.

nobody's trying to offend/pissoff, but even I've noticed a shitton of posts here about stuff that has been previously talked about.

BTW. I did search for gym before I posted.

Did you include topic titles AND CONTENTS in your search? You have to explicitly select that option...


Locked to force everyone to find the other three or four topics about gyms, AE, and fight clubs.