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handcuffed briefcases
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

the new (i guess) locking briefcases are really cool. but how about have some more with handcuffs attached? Or have it as an available command to handcuff a briefcase to your hand or something? Would be neato.

Your about a year late on that idea.

Wren made the generics like a year ago, but decided he wasn't going to finish the project, so as time permits I'm slowly working them into the game.

Paitence, grasshoppa.


I've actually seen one with handcuffs before.  I think it was locked onto Firestorm some time ago.  hehe.

Once we have limb loss, this won't be a far hop.

Bob the goat ninja tries to wrestle a briefcase away from a troat, only the realize it's handcuffed to his wrist.
Bob to Troat: Give me that briefcase!
Troat to Bob: No.
Troat to Bob: AAAHHH!  Okay, it's yours.