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Harder Hardie
Making Hardie Hard

I would like it if Hardie Target's defensive abilities were much higher. Average ganger level or better. I'd eve like it if you could make Softie harder. (Sorry, the double meaning might be crass but I am immature!!!)

I think that even a combat optimized new character should be missing Softie half the time even when using an offensive posture and Hardie should be out of the question.

Of course, there might be very good reasons why things are they way they are and in that case, at least I we had the chance to talk about making Hardie hard for a few moments.


What makes them hard and soft is how much abuse they can take, not how evasive they are.

If you want evasion, can you spar with a person, instead of pummeling a dummy?

Interesting. The text surrounding the targets seems to suggest otherwise.

Both targets are described as ready to defend themselves from your attacks. When attacking the target sometimes "slips free", "evades your attack", "dodges your attack" and the like. This gives me the impression that the targets are actively moving and avoiding your attacks. I always figured they were kind of like animated crash-test-dummies or something.

I have also never seen the target's health change when issuing "ht softie" though the descriptions of attacks seem positive and feature you landing blows. Of course, this might be due to the fact that none of my characters have ever really gained any significant level of combat prowess.

Not disputing what you say bean_dip. Just pointing out that the descriptions I have witnessed in the game make it easy for one to get the wrong idea.

Their health doesn't change, they're indestructible. They're just for the player to get a rough feel for attacking something.

Got it. Just a chance to practice the commands without starting a fight they can't win or stacking up hospital bills. Still not sure how I should visualize a character working on a target though. Are these clone-grown punching bags mostly stationary or are they actively defending themselves?

They're just punching bags. If you're missing them, you're missing a stationary punching bag, which is a thing that can happen with actual unskilled people and actual punching bags.

Alright. Coned meat sacks sitting there so we can wail on them. Not a high priority or anything but it might be worth updating descriptions to match this one day. Then again, I guess that not too many people are worried about it. Just nags at me when the in game descriptions don't match what is apparently really happening. Thanks for answering my questions!

I guess they've been changed.

When they were first created, they used to DIE. Leaving corpses.

I actually think that would be pretty cool. It would also fit the descriptions better too.