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High Fashion
Make it work!

Okay here is the thing, as far as I know there doesn't seem to be much difference between the tailoring materials available besides their IC description and price. I know of at least one material, which has an inherent property that sets it apart from the others, but just the one. As of right now tailors cannot make armor or disguises.

So here is my idea, there are a few generic clothes that do provide temporary stat bonuses to a character's appearance. Presumably because they are well made or look cool, whatever. I would like for tailored clothes to be able to do the same, being those bonuses affected by the skill of the tailor and the quality of the material used to craft the garment.

Currently the only variant affected partly by a tailor's skill is the perceived 'market value' of the item they made, which is influenced by other factors as well. So I think it just would make sense, the skill of the tailor and the quality of the material making the clothes look effectively better (translated in a bonus). Plus, this would give people yet another reason to order and wear tailored clothes and also it would generate more RP.

Thanks for reading.

I like it! Or or or add at the end of the look message something commenting it's objective quality "looks shitty" or something.

Following a similar line of logic, I think tattoo's should also provide a bonus to appearance if done properly.

And Kuzco brings a good point, if garments done with poor skill had some visible indicators of this it would help prevent people with low skill from fancying themselves as tailors (Just because they wrote a 3 paragraph description to boost the clothes value). An indicator in the deception of the item or even a penalty to appearance or both could serve as this.