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I'm marked for life
drugs, they aren't THAT bad

ok, so my charcter has the following message attached to his descripiton:

You look pretty haggard, like you could use a fix.

we've all seen it,   here's the thing: I've been notified by an admin that it never goes away, ever,  so because my charcter took one 'drag' off of a jackel pipe he found he is forever marked as looking like a drug addict.

If I had done more drugs I could understand it, but what about people who 'experiment' with drugs, once or twice in their lives does that mean they are scarred for life?   and are going to look like trash forever?

I could even understand an occational 'pop-up' type message saying you are craving the drug... for a certain peroid of time.
but to perminantly brand your charcter seems a little extreme.

These drugs are higly addictive (apparently anyway..), and to be honest, its EXPECTED in most cyberpunk that you use drugs, no matter what your caste.  Corpie to Street Urchin, everyone pretty much uses drugs of some sort.  Different types, sure.  But they'll still fuck ya up.

In other words:  No one really pays much attention to those 'messages.'  Its expected that you need drugs.  IN FACT MORE PEOPLE SHOULD USE THEM IN-GAME.  And perhaps RP being addicted to them.  I know a few (read: one) that do this, and it leads to fantastic RP.

Sure you may not want your char to be a drug addict.  But he/she most likely will need a boost every once in a while, or a downer to relieve stress from the workplace.  Its expected.  Its common.  Its not illegal nor frowned upon in the cyberpunk society.

And no one gives a fuck what you look like, as long as you get the job done, capiche?  And trust me..  Bruce doesn't give a rats ass if you snort a line before you go truckin' off to deliver a crate.  He probably WANTS you too.  'Cause it'll make ya go faster.  :P

Personally, I don't understand why there's messages at all.  People should just put them in their descriptions or something.  Anywho..  that's my rant.  I'm gonna go fix some more ramen...

It's called an addiction. The message is telling you you need a fix.

To make it go away: Get yourself a fix.


I liked my explanation better..  :(

so did I, espically since addiction is not forever, and does not constantly make you look haggard.   that's my main complaint.

It's not perfect. Deal with it.

That was my idea, Johnny.  I just tried to give a reason behind it.  :P

Quote: from Jotun on 5:40 pm on Aug. 27, 2003[br]so did I, espically since addiction is not forever, and does not constantly make you look haggard. � that's my main complaint.

Wouldja rather be curled up in a corner of your cube, trembling and sweating in a puddle of your own vomit and urine?

to cause that you would either have to do alot, or an overwhelmingly powerful drug,   I've seen people smoke crack, and even do heroin, and have friends that do cocaine, I'm not proud of it but my firends,even though they have a disgusting habit, you would not even be able to tell unless you were told.   anyway I'm dealing with it, and at this point don't even really care (thanks akiao)  

I'm not even going to get into it but I know, personally how drugs affect people.

anyway I'm done, don't even waste your time saying I'm wrong or whatever I will no longer respond to anything in this thread.

Oh, good. Then you know the effects of addiction on people.

You'll have to take into account that in 85 years these drugs have gotten A LOT more refined, potent, and addictive.

If you don't want to be a drug addict, don't do drugs.


People need to do more drugs in-game. Especially with them so readily available now. So do your duty, get your character high.

A few of my good stories about Lance involve using drugs. Nothing's better than being crouched over a pool of your own vomit and blood, and actually CONVINCING someone to do the same drugs in a much larger amount than a novice should take. He knows who he is. ;)