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Bigass elevators, whee.

I was throwing this idea around in-game. Could there be these huge two-stop elevators between levels. I know they can work like that, here in Vegas we have this huge elevator that goes up the Stratosphere Tower. I'm sure they have bugger ones in New York, and I think it would be possible to have leveators big enough to go trans-level in Withmore.

Maybe just Green-Gold, for those hard working suits.

Can you say Metro? I knew you could.

*whining voice*

But they go so sloooowww...

Vehicles, then taxis.. they'll make all the difference.

I believe there was, at one time, a plan to have the WHJ tower actually extend from it's base on Gold right up through green and blue to a spire located on blue, with the levels like halo's around it... but I guess it either didn't come to fruition or was decided against.

Anyhow, once AV's are coded and there's AV taxis you'll be able to zip right up the middle of the dome to any level you like.... just don't run out of gas. The people on red get a bit upset when AV's drop out of the sky onto their heads.

Oh yeah, I comepletly forgot that technically there are vehicles...

But those elevators sounded kinda fun.

*drools* AVs... cars.... wooooo

And just cuz I've got pennies in my pocket:

The mag-levs are not slow. You're covering HUGE distances. This is like the subway from one side of NY to the other. And what makes you think an elevator would be that much faster?? First of all it's gotta go up hundreds of feet between levels, second you've got people at both ends waiting to get in, then we all know elevators ALWAYS need repair.

Though I remember when the old shuttle busses used to go wonky and every few days there was an IC excuse as to why they were broken.

tee hee

I wan't talking about the velocity, just the time taken to get from one point to another. They stop too many times.

An elevator would be faster if it only made two stops, up and down.

Of course, another solution to th e Mag-Lev problem is to add more of them, and have more then one route.

Ok, so it isn't really a -problem-, but it does annoy more then a few of us :)

sounds like a problem the tax payers of Withmore should address, ...maybe get an IC construction project voted on and started..

then various IC stuff can be RPed around it..  casual work? "You pick a load of cinder blocks and drag them to the site"

maybe gear that can be 'stolen', like shovels and pipes stuff, but at a risk of course.

And other stuff..  but something or something..

The mag-lev's aren't slow at all, it's the waiting for them which is slow, new players should think themselves lucky though, towards the end of the mag-lev era, it'd take me 15 minutes realtime to get from Gold to green.
And that was on a good day.

--Mag-levs are your friend, if you wanna go faster, beat down the driver.

You think thats bad, when I was a kid we had to code our way from room to room, rebuilding our character matrix piece by piece so we would correctly appear in each room.
You make one mistake and you'd get stuff stuck in your hand which didn't exist then you'd have to beg Damon to do unspeakable things to you, till you were better.

I seem to recall you enjoying Damon doing unspeakable things to you... Gah, those foul images must leave my mind...