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I was thinking, in the places that do have uniforms for their workers, infiltration should be possible. For instance, building A requires a uniform, door A in said building only opens for employees, Person A works there and is not wearing his uniform, Person B does not work there but has inexplicably obtained a uniform and is now wearing it. It would be awesome if the doors could be coded to do an if_check not for actual employment, but just if the character is in uniform. Obviously this wouldn't work for retinal scanners and doors with keypads, but it could for say, security checkpoints.

This giving a way for people who do not work at a place to infiltrate it, at their own risk, to do whatever it is they were hoping to do inside. Just an idea. Thoughts?

Doors that don't use retinal or codes use something way more secure than an uniform, what it is is IC knowledge.

This is not Metal Gear Solid and people don't need an uniform for access.