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It's a clear as a telephone box is red... Honest.
Beware the hooded goldfish.

You never know this may have been brought up before but... Clothing could do with some really neat mad extra verbs.

2 States as it were for each piece of clothing.

It only an example;

state1 robe = Coverage 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc etc = @worn description = "blah blah decription 1"

state2 robe = Coverage 4,5,6 etc etc = @worn description = "blah blah decription 2"

And have a change from state1 to 2 message and a state2 to 1 message so that it would be possible to build hooded robes and stuff and for people to lower and raise the hoods without having to go in change the description and then the coverage etc etc... cut the process down to a command not 5 minutes.

You could then have jackets with opened and closed states. Robes and bright yellow rain coats with hoods that go up and down and actual change the description as well as the @coverage.

See a post that was almost completely sane...

Stop looking at me like that...

Stop it... no... no damn it... no.!

That is actually a reeeeaaally good idea

I have no problems with this, GMs can feel to work with tailors in the game to come up with designs. Wren or Finn should have no trouble making clothing items that work like this.

Hooded Clothing
Jackets that open, etc.

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but would it be possible to use something like @tease to go from state1 to state2?