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Leaving Messages
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Jackson

Dunno if this has been suggested before, or how practical it'd be, but I think it'd be cool to leave messages with say, Rychek, for other players. Just short ones. Like, 'to Rychek: If you see Jackson, tell him I'm looking for him' sort of thing. The NPC the regurgitates the message when adressed by the correct player.

It would be cool, but rychek wouldn't give a flying fuck less you put some chyen in his pocket...

Point. But would that be difficult to do? Based on yer charisma the price could fluctuate.

Hrmmm... interestin concept, I like the idea, but the admin hava full plate at the moment with all the things they're always workin on...

Why not pay a player to do it. They don't need any special code or work done, cause they is alive.

Or use your NLM mail, it's free. It'll get more people on the NLM boards.

Ya know i was thinking.  Yes it hurt.

I think that people don't utilize NPC's enough.  Granted admin are generally too busy to puppet, but remeber that NPC's hear and see almost everything.  All ya need is a little money and they may talk, or money to keep em quiet.