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License Plate Stickers
Quick! Cover that License Plate!

I was just thinking that it'd be quite cool if we had stickers that we can stick on to the license plate to change the number so that we can have 'fake' license plates. Now, our car won't be recognizable when we feel like snatching some innocent citizen on the streets! However, since it's a bit too OP to change your plate altogether, some characters can spot that the license plate is a sticker. How? Perception. And how do we rip off the sticker? Either we can just rip it off as a command or maybe find a mechanic? Not sure yet. But, I thought it'd just be useful to have this for crimes.

I looked at some boards related to this. And I saw that some players were asking why we couldn't just steal vehicles to commit the crime? Well, that's possible, but would you really invest that much ue just to steal that vehicle? And let's not mention the other skills you'd need to kidnap a citizen or terrorize the city or whatever. Okay, let's get a skilled car thief into play, but that's going to be expensive and increase chances of being ratted out. Would you also be willing to spend that much flash to buy a vehicle for crimes which would most likely be ditched in a day or two? If I were some criminal, I'd just stick a paper over my license plate, rather than come up with an overly complicated plan of buying a new vehicle...(Not that I'd be committing crimes in the first place...)

So, you may lower down the amount of characters involved in your evil plan and there's less RP, but what if the sticker had to be applied by a shady mechanic? There! It's increased again. In addition, now you can still keep your vehicle, rather than dispose it, although at a risk. Somebody find that your number was a fraud and rip off your sticker. So there's that risk.

Of course you can go the old-fashioned way and buy a stolen vehicle; it's safer. But it costs more flash. Now you've got two choices.

Here's a funny story: Bob got his car stolen during the week. He's angry and annoyed, swearing that he will find the thief. In the meantime, he bought a new one and it was a good deal too, but then as he was picking up his friend for a party, Jakes crash in, heading straight for Bob. They point out that he has an illegal sticker over his car license plate. He's accused of stealing his vehicle and fined a large amount of flash. His friend and Bob rip off that sticker and find that even worse, it's Bob's own car! However, the Jakes do not denounce the fine. Bob sets off on an adventure to chase down that thief. On the other hand, the thief just had a grudge on Bob due to some old dispute and he is satisfied with his revenge.

So, just stick that on and get away with the crime!

"Okay, let's get a skilled car thief into play, but that's going to be expensive and increase chances of being ratted out."

That's why you find a skilled car thief.

Money, favors can help pay.

Pay for silence. Pay for RP. Etc.

Or, you can go and [do IC thing] and that will help solve it temporarily too.


If you have an idea in game, making an @note and RP'ing toward that helps bring it about in game.