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Well. I just had a grand idea.

There's a load of licenses one can get in Withmore. You can Incorporate yourself, get a liquor license, pistol permit, cybernetics license and a security technician license.

What i'm interested in an Import/Export license, maybe a one time 50k fee or a Annual expiration and you have to renew for 20k a year after that or something.

This would allow you to go in and out of Checkpoint - Omega without paying the fee's but still going through contraband checks.

So if any player has any kind of reason to go in and out a -lot- then they can get IC permission and pay a healthy sum and actually have it seem like their business is indeed a business.

Maybe a requirement of this license could be that you also already possess the incorporation license.

Thoughts? Concerns?

I think it would just be even easier to startup your corporation, pitch it to the powerhouse of that racket, get bought out, and get special permission from the mother corporation. Becuase ya know, they're on that council thing and can do that.

Probably more profitable too. Just a thought.