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are limited

As the population of this game (apparently) goes through the roof, I'd like to suggest that more lockers would be pretty awesome.

I rather like that having to put a lot of thought and energy into 'guarding your gear' and I think lockers are a bit of a cheat in that regard. It's effectively cold storage for things that can't be touched except by one person, and having more of that available would have long term ramifications to the balance. Limited availability means status symbols, but if everyone could do it no one would be a catburgler.

I'd like it too if I had one, and nobody else did. If I were Old man Thompson though, I'd be ripping out cubes to replace them with lockers at this point. It's a supply/demand issue that is unaddressed, and should be. If PC's could just buy, or start banks of lockers that'd be a cool way to add to RP too. Obviously that's not the case,but you best believe that where someone's willing to pay for something, someone will supply that need(of course in this case they can't without admin support)

We'll take this into consideration.

There was at least one locker available at the Rose just a few days ago. Good timing mixed with persistence and a whole lot of luck help out a lot. It might take months and months to get one, but they do come open often! Keep trying! Have other people keep an eye open for you too!

As an aside, I've pruned all the expired lockers. So there should be some available to you few, you proud, you online in the next fifteen minutes :)

Thank you tons!!!!!! that may all that has been necessary, but I asked another GM about checking that and they.. well basically blew me off. Though they probably aren't authorized to do that.

It's not a GM's responsibility so much as a senior staffer.