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look from the market
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Xiao

umm since its an open air market, wouldnt it make sense if one could enter and leave from the fuller/lambs wake intersection? and could look that direction too? what would that be (nw)?

"open air" doesn't imply anything about its walls. They could be 100 ft high.

I could be wrong, since I'm too butt fucking lazy to go and check, but I'm fairly sure the desc implies that it's located in a grubby brick alleyway with stalls either side of the through-fare.. Just because there's no building locations immediately west of the market besides the road, doesn't mean there isn't some vast brick shithouse of a building sitting there that's not significantly worth exploring. Millions of people, thousands of buildings, the locations you play in just being an abstract sample of the world your character inhabits...

Which is just a load of pointless wordy bollocks to repeat what Johnny already said.