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MEMO to staff

SUBJECT: Just a little reminder
FROM: Dave (aka, I'm sure it won't be hard to figure out)

I've Talked to rastus about this, and I think johnny may know too, but I will no longer be using xhelp to ask for Jamerson to be a puppet.  I am doing this for 2 reasons,

#1. It's less fun for me to know that Jamerson is Rastus or Johnny or Iga.

and #2. I have access to the NLM boards and thus, unless Jamerson wants to see me for some reason, We can communicate through the boards.

Which brings me to my reminder, Please please please, remember to check Jamerson's inbox every so often. I know you guys are extremly busy with trying to make the better and more fun. so I'll let you know my schedule for stories....

In ideal situations, I would like to get -at least- 3 stories a week. one for sunday or monday, one for wednesday or thursday and the WIR for Saturday.

For now, you can expect to see the WIR and a story at the begining of the week, until I get more comforable with my writing and what you guys want.  After that I'm going to try to bang out more and more stories to fill up the boards, keep a good mix of backup stories and stuff.

Thanks all for listening to me.:)