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Memory mechanic

I was told that once your memory capacity is filled, new memories overwrite the older ones from oldest to newest.

I think that it would make sense if we had more control on what to overwrite. Not only it is handy but also more realistic. For example if I get a new phone number IRL I gradually tend to forget my old number and I start to more easily recall the new number. I won't forget a totally unrelated memory because the new number is in its place.

It's not particularly important but still I think it'd be better if it worked that way.

You can just rephrase memories you are about to loose, or boost the stat that boosts the amount of memory you can have. No need for a new system.

Yeah, I tend to maximize the content of each line of a memory, sometimes I have multiple lines of the same thing because I know the older ones are going to be removed eventually.