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Just a thought

Well i have an idea from this post right here: LINK


Well this idea is about GM's not being around.
I've noticed some GM's aren't on as much and some players are on most of the time but have nothing to do on there hands(MEEE!!!). And i was wondering if there was a way that if a player is on and has nothing to do why not help the GMs do every day things like Desc's on certain locations and 'blah blah' and maybe control some Npc's if the player is experianced enough to do these things. If u GMs think this is a wack Discussion i dont mind if u edit it out but just and IDEA.

Please post with your feed back.

If you see something that needs a new desc I'd go ahead and write one, then let one of the GMs know and send it to them. As far as puppeting goes, that's a GM only thing. There's a lot involved in puppeting that a player probably shouldn't be sticking their fingers into.

Anything you want to help out with just talk to one of them and let them know. They are always always willing to get help from people. If you have an idea you want implemented in game and it's taking a while or you just want to bump it along faster, if you help out with some of the basic stuff then it usually ends up being done a lot sooner.

We don't censor posts on here unless they contain IC information.  In the past we have utilized players for descriptions and scripts.  If you are interested in helping with scripts, try typing 'help scripts' in game.

Scripts are what run when you get cyberware installed, or a doctor heals your wounds, or you get a tattoo done, or you go through drug withdrawals or overdose.

Scripts are an integral part of the game.

As for non-gms puppeting NPCs.  That won't happen.  The reason for it is when you become a GM your player characters  is subject to some strict rules.  Those rules would interfere with a normal player having fun with the game, but protect non-admin alts.

There's an editor $feature that can be added to any player which lets them edit room descs, details and exit/entrance messages.

The game was very different back when it was used though, it would probably need revising with some kind of permission control or logging unless the players involved are trustworthy.

Its still around. Just not used so much.

Quote: from Slither on 9:22 am on Feb. 22, 2008[br]We don't censor posts on here unless they contain IC information.

Oooh, I missed that first time round... that's worth a lol for old times sake. :)

If anyone has room descriptions, scripts, or whatever they have thought of, they can email them to soulexistence@gmail.com and I'll get them posted into the admin boards for editing/formatting whatever.

If you run across mistakes in room descriptions, @typo to report it.