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Mixer Cuisine
Sounding for interest

So, I have a project in mind that I'd like to sound for interest for.


Currently, there is somewhat little in the way of thematic cuisine in the game on Red. I'd like to see this area expanded on, because I feel that food & drink are important staples of setting the theme in an RPI and bars and diners provide place settings and talkpoints for roleplay.

Having a wider diversity of cuisine enrichens the universe and (I believe) will encourage people to integrate meal-taking into their roleplay. Food & drink is honestly such a massive amount of society, and we discuss it without thinking about it on a daily basis. It's a large part of what shapes our interactions in the real world.


I would like to create an outdoor room in Red with several stalls that would function as counter/bar objects. The following will have to be completed, of which I'm offering to do all of the writing for if I'm given a green light:

I will write:

- Room description

- Object descriptions

- NPC merchant descriptions, personality summaries

- menus

- ALL corresponding messages for the new cuisine items

Implementation would obviously have to be handled on staffside if it's something that the staff would be interested in - which is no small amount of work in itself, so I'm posting this thread to sound off and see whether this is an undertaking people would be interested in me doing.

This is something I would like to do if the staff support and interest is there. I would be eager to see more thematic cuisine added to the game.

Fried baby mice!

Exactly. That sort of stuff is great and I'd love to see more of it.

On Red we might expect to see similarly exotic foods, along with a blend of many ethnic styles. Foods such as krill or deep-fried locusts and other insects which are easily farmable in an environment where much of the agriculture we have in the real world is difficult or prohibitively expensive would also make a showing. Not everything has to be weird and wonderful though. Soyfood substitutes and other replacements are a CP staple and are positively bland, reflecting the lives of those forced to subsist on them.

There's really an opportunity to see a wealth of different foods represented.

Is this real meat? Yes. Rat. This is a rat burger.

There is a variety of ethnic food available but, I like the idea of food carts.

There /are/ food carts.

Red is a shithole, not a mall food court...

'Red is a shithole, not a mall food court...'

If you somehow got this from my post, then you definitely don't understand where I'm coming from.

Red is a shithole. Expanding on Mixer Cuisine helps delineate just how much of a shithole Red is.

a mall food court IS a shithole.

food desert - nothing but terrible fast food and prepared preservative loaded synthetic pink slime sourced dinners. In a way, there is an assumption that the nominal 'kibble' is available anywhere, so you can stay alive, but you're never satisified. And we don't create the kibble because it can be ambient.

'a mall food court IS a shithole.'

Well said.

I realize that there's the assumption that there is ambient food. I'm just wondering if people wouldn't be interested in a small expansion in the area of real food objects. I think this is more important for Red, since the diets here would vary even more drastically than the upper districts to our RL parables, and in doing so it might be of some assistance to new players who are either new to roleplay in general or new to the cyberpunk genre. Players would still be free to roleplay out and discuss their ambient kibble and come up with their own cyberpunk meals and recipes.

That said, any feedback is good feedback. If this is something that's widely regarded as not being worthwhile, I'll think about something else.

We added the ability to multiple food objects via recipes. The food object is a more generalized item of food. Say, a rice-based dish, or a noodle-based dish, perhaps a general burger.

So you'd maybe make a general street burger (defines a low quality bun basicly) and recipes:

carne rata torta - grilled rat patty, merican cheeese, onion slices, ketchup sauce

street special burger - grilled rat patty, merican cheeese, recycled lettuce, alley tomato slices, onion slices, ketchup sauce

bad dog burger - grilled dog meat patty, merican cheeese, hot sauce

For example. :)

Someone had suggested food stalls (like the ramen shop in the beginning of Blade Runner) a while back and I really enjoyed that idea,

My last PC wanted a hotdog cart.

Krill dog? Why not.

We had some experimental code around a pushable food cart (like a bar object on wheels). There were some issues and it got pulled and hasn't been a priority to fix and replace as of yet.

I would so eat a rat cheeesesteak or a dog-dog (with extra sriracha!) if I lived in the mix.

This seems like a great business idea to pursue IC. Start up a food cart. You can buy carcasses from other players, need some GM help on the turning them into edibles, then sell them to other players. Grab some ebola in bulk, jack up the price, hang out outside the major hot spots. There'd be plenty of RP to be had with it.