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Moar Dreams
infinite idea #456,212,444,633,200

A variety of dream scripts based on classic freudian examples that automatically give people dreams based on the people and the events that have recently occurred in their life.

How many dreams do we have so far?

Could base it off of certain traits on characters they interact with. Name, gender, event based off of highest stat/skill and time spent with them.

So say you spend a lot of time with Bob, a guy, and one of his highest stats/skills (picked at random) gives you dream event A, where you have a dream about fighting him in an alley or something.

Create a list of dream events for each stat/skill, and a separate version of those lists for each gender. Then toss in a bunch of generic ones and keep adding to the dream list when you feel like it.

Sometimes a katana is only a katana...

Is it currently possible for GMs to script custom dreams for players based around their recent experiences as described in their @notes?