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Money Pass

What if there was a way you could pass something to another player? Such as *points to topic* money.  

Billy stands near the bar, drinking a pint.  Tall, shrouded man walks in, passing near the bar.  As Tall, Shrouded man passes near the bar, Billy slips some money into his hand.

Bam exchange of money and no one even notices.  OR passing something like a knife.

So, like 'plant' for money?

Yeah, like that.

Well you have briefcases, which hold money just fine. And you can plant thoes.

I immagine I could modify plant so if it was a number, it would assume you ment money.

Would that be acceptable?


Only if it has a new command name and tripple redundancy!

(Yes...that sounds like it works to me...)

Everytime I read this topic I read it as 'Monkey Pass'


Plant for monkeys. Good.

It would be cool to plant money.  I don't think planting a briefcase is really IC.. I mean.. if I did a random steal and got a breifcase, I'd prolly give it back.  There pretty big 'eh?

Good to know..

note to self: carry everything in briefcase so i dont get taken by a twinkish robber.

curiosity: If you were robbed and someone gave you back a breifcase the randomly stole from you what would you do? cuase you know now they're trying to steal from you. so.. yeah. how would that situation be handled?

With a good ol fashioned ass whooping!

Well, I would try to plant it on them.  LOL.  But it wouldn't mean i was trying to steal the case.  A random steal you doesn't know what your going to get.

That's happened to me, someone picked a shotgun from one of my charcters, and the char who took it RP'ed that he found it and recodgnized it was mine and gave it back.  Was wierd...  

But if you had a briefcase stashed and I accidently stole it I'd keep it just cause you would be a twink for stashing it.

If I stole a shotgun from someone I'd RP giving it back, one shell at a time! bwahahah

Personally I disagree with Kevlar, a briefcase should not be planted, nor stashed.  A wallet on the otherhand would be a fine object to plant.  

Yeah, a briefcase is a little big... I'd like to see someome try and plant one of those on a char..... just slide it in there pocket.

Well, the stashing it part.. it could be like, you know..  tucked under there arm or something.  So there hands are free.  

I've always thought of the plant verb as a sort of 'hide' on people, like slipping them a note, beacon or crucial innocuous piece of evidence that will damn their short lives.

Money would rock, a wad of cash to your junkie informant in front of his entire pack of junkie zoned out buddies, a tip to a bartender when you don�t want it seen by the whole bar, a discreet passing of cash to your local friendly neighbourhood judge.

How would you -not- notice someone planting a briefcase on you?

I am very very sneaky sir.  I think you are under estimating the sneakyness.

a briefcase should not be planted, nor stashed.  A wallet on the otherhand would be a fine object to plant.

Alright, a wallet. The point I was making is there's allready ways of doing this.


only if your willing to drop 1000c on a wallet to put the chy in. if you 'dont' have a wallet though...

i mean really, what mixer fixer is just going to dump all they chy outta his wallet, put it in his pocket give the wallet away so that some other idget could pick the fixers pockets and get away with more chy than he passed off? ya know?