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Mood music
For your apartment or hovel

Stereos or some other way to play music in your apartment. Nothing complex, maybe just an item that'll occasionally throw off a one line echo (set by the owner or just someone nearby) about the type of music you're listening to, sort of like a voice description.

Some indistinct, bass-heavy rhymes sound from a JuicyVee Sound System.

Grinding industrial guitar and violent lyrics sound from a JuicyVee Sound System.

Haunting classical music with heavy violins sounds from a JuicyVee Sound System.

Could make it like an automatic spoof on the item the player could set, that it always has to have the item name in there somewhere, so people can get the syntax right.

Oh, I just RP this or headphones.

Imo, doing this is easier than having a code.

(Psst Don't forget the other ambient and PC singers. *wink*)