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More Grid Features
random thoughts

Just a random thought and i cant say that i've ever really had an opportunity to really play around with the system/grid/cracking/programming code so please bear with me and ignore me if my understanding is completely inaccurate..

But something that strikes me as missing from the game is more of a reliance on the grid... when i think of cyberpunk , Gibson, GITS, Netrunner etc etc.. the grid ./internet or whatever is such a bigger part of the lives of these worlds than it is in SD from what i have seen..

i would love for there to be more action in the grid.. more use for Deckers, system security experts. more opportunists for crime, gain , loss, blackmail etc...more grid in general..

Shit at the very least every entity and organisation should have a visible node presence.. every corporation should have a heavy node presence with pay dirt behind it waiting to be cracked.. even if its a list of employees it could possibly be pay dirt.. peoples personal nodes could contain employee status or what not again just another area for us to be attacked and have to secure.. Corpie interactions with their employers could be done through the grid with an opportunity for a skilled cracker to get in and abuse the system.. maybe causing corpsec and the security team to come and hunt them down... Multiple levels ideally ( and im sorry GM's as i realize just how much coding work and content would be required)... so that your slightly skilled less risky code jockeys can get a job to say steal a list of employees for a private eye.. but your hardcore serious dedicated hackers should be delving into some serious deep ice.. (maybe even on site or something where they need physical protection to do it) with real danger of taking damage online.. to crack into the corps black opps files.. or their R&D research.. serious high risk high reward paydirt.

Every gang should have a page and they should be battling to attack each others page in cyber space to deface it .. defacing other pages with their tags....

Every corpie and mixer alike should be worried that their personal node is gonna get hacked or attacked .. or be able to hack and attack others..

Conflict everywhere... if we cant get you in person.. we gonna get your node.. your data.. your bank account... lets have those bad asses that wander the streets near impervious to physical attack be worried about someone cracking their node and stealing they shit....

personally i would love it if we could coordinate attacks in cyberspace and in game flesh,. i want to hack the WJF system, shut down some security cams.. send the on duty judges to the wrong sector and then stage a heist that breaks into a unprotected sector and steal shit..

Anyway just my two cents worth..and its probably heavily influenced by the fact that i've started playing net runner recently.. but shit i wanna be able to do this in SD too..

There's a lot of threads on this - so while I agree wholeheartedly...let me summarize.

The grid desperately needs to interface with the Moo in most if not all respect.

The grid runs on freaking ikonboard which is older then sin and no longer being developed. In order to really fix the grid - it needs a complete overhaul. I speculate the programmer staff is developing a Matrix-esque competitor rather than bothering with the ancient and broken code.

In order to compensate for the grids lack of functionality, I implore you to @note and xhelp what you're looking to do in times of "hacking". There have been a few VERY successful deckers but they've had to be creative and get GM support for some of there more outrageous stunts.

Godspeed, sir.