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Movies and such
A new major part of the pop culture of Withmore City

I thought of this when looking at archetypes, I realized from media star, one crucial role that in real life makes up a huge part of media stars, actors. I noticed that for the city, it has its own pop culture for the time, but I think something major that could be added that could potentially become a major part of the world and open up lots of rp opportunities. You could have movies that are being made and released, and you see them like music, or be in them, and there would be a command, to watch it, and it would cause you to feel certain things depending on the movies, but watching it would skip over, except for a description of plot of said movie. Now you could be in a movie as an actor, similar to other media positions, and you would have a new set of media personalities in actors. Also you could have movie studios in world where you could get employed for some crew position in addition to being an actor. From this, you could have a variety of ways to see them, via virtual reality kind of way, or just plain simple movie theaters, it would be interesting to see what kind of movies are watched in the future, and also how you watch them. This also could lead to another way to make money illegally, making pirated or counterfeit movies and selling them. Also you could have movies that show other stuff cough porn cough. It would take a lot of time, but it could open a new world, and could be a long term addition.