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New @social

I was just thinking, there should be a way to just scream and othe people hear you that are in othe rooms. I know you can yell things, but it has to be words. There is no way (that I know of) that you can just let out a scream. Whether in pain or frustration..if there is a way to do this..let me know. And make me feel stupid


These get the message across, at least....

shout "FUCK, THAT HURT!"



True, true. But a simple scream is so much more fun. And if you put:

shout "AHHH!"

Some people take it wrong.

I'm sorry, but I just find that funny.

And yes, I'm a sex-deprived pervert.  So fuck off!

Dont worry, your not alone. Im proud to say im a sex-deprived pervert too.
Hey, lets make a club!

Alright.  But you'll have to mail me some money in order to join the ranks, as I've designated myself as the leader of this organization.

Hey, thats no fair. I thought of the idea, I should be leader. Evil bastard -.-...Anywho, I think this social thingy isnt a bad idea, and not that hard to do, I mean its the same thing as shout but different messages, no?

if you @scream in the moo and no ones there to read it, did you really @scream?

This is an accual exept from some code in the moo.

for tree in ($forest.trees)
 if(tree:falls() && connected_players() == 0)
   // Do nothing.

Does that answer your question?


Wow..  whoever coded that had too much time on their hands....  Heheh.

That is hi fucking larious.  thanks kev.

But along with what lillith is sayin, maybe an emote way to do something loud, slam your fists on a bar, heard in the next room, slam a door, or scream like that, similar to shout.

I think you'd need to slam a sledgehammer into a bar for it to be heard in another room...

I kinda like the idea, but as murphy said, you can shout things... Murphy, you reminded me of a line from 'Signs' (the lowest un-suspenceful movie ever):