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New Client?
Alpha, Beta and 1.0

So I've heard a lot about this new client that's in production, and I've also heard about the capibilities and features this new client -should- have once completed.  Now I don't know if this is the same one that I heard about when I was webbitch, cause I thought they went under, but I do have a couple of general questions about it.

1. Is SD going to be the fist M** the alpha is going to be used on?

2a. Is this client going to be treated the way pueblo is treated now, where it's the primary client for SD with the media pack release and what not? (if yes, please see 2b.)

2b. I feel that we as players in this community, should have prima rights to test out the client on -our- game(aside from the admin that is).

I have been using pueblo for SD since I started, not because of the newbie-ish features and the ease of use, but other clients Zmud, TinTin++/WinTin, are A. to bulky, and B. (IMHO) don't work well for the world that has been created for us. I'm all for scripts, Macros, alias', timers and the like in a H&S M**, but Pueblo complaments SD very well.

Zmud/wintin work great for other M**'s but being able to type '1' (kill %n) just doesn't seem fair in my mind. When you are out hunting goblins and PKing is strictly forbidden it's fine, but where typing and RP is concerned, I think it'd give people an awfully unfair advantage.

If we were to get testing rights, 1.would the developers be willing to change what -we- as the user want to see changed or is it going to be a M$ type thing? "Eh, it doesn't work the way it should for this perticular game, but it works....sorta"

Well those are my questions comments and complaints. Thank for listening to me babble:)

The client you're referring to that you heard of in the past would be Ages 2000, a third party client whose developer approached us to use as the guineapig for his client. That fell through a -long- time ago. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but Ages 2000 just fell off the map. The story I vaguely heard was that the developer of it lost his job for using company resources to develop his own private project... though I could be wrong.

The client we're talking about now is an all new project that's just come about in the last couple of months. It will, in all liklihood, be a -purely- Sindome client, incapable of connecting to any other M*. Not so much a M* client as a dedicated front end interface for all things Sindome.

As for all else, the project, while progressing, is in very early development and you can rest assured as soon as it is at a half presentable stage it will be handed out to you guys for a thrashing and feedback.

The whole idea for the project came from our venture into pueblo enhancements, in which we quickly found pueblo inadequate for our needs, thus the pueblo project fell aside in favor of working on our own idea to do everything we want a client to do.

Course, technically I'm mouthing off here on the behalf of other people, since I'm not involved in any of the actual core development of the client... but still.