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Newbie Chat > OOC chat.
A new way of doing it.

From casual observation it seems that ooc relationships are developing between some people in a way that makes ic relationships secondary. Thus people aren't really acting as their character should in some situations. Players are only human so instead of lecturing or pointing fingers, I think it's time to bring about a change to help players who can't help themselves.

First would be to turn OOC-Chat into a purely newbie help channel. Trolling, bullshitting, and non help related conversation would thereby be disallowed. Just pure question and answers.

The second change would be to remove the players ability to change their nick on said channel, other than of course staff. Staff names would show up in a different color as well to signify who they are and their authority in case a player is trying to offer inaccurate help.

For player names, one would be the newbie green shown and used in @who as a tag. And a neutral color for all other players. Aliases would be set automatically and randomly at each login. Such as [Player#7236] the numerical part changing with every login.

Also on said channel could be broadcast random general tips and suggested helpfiles for new players to look at. As random ambient messages that happen much like they do on the SIC.

Players who didn't want to see the spam could of course simply leave the channel, except for newbies who haven't passed their two week marker.

(Edited by Ravonic at 2:09 am on Sep. 12, 2012)

Forgot to mention this in the first post, and didn't want to edit it 50 times. The @ooc function could still exist however,  maybe it should change so that the ooc lobby is a series of dynamic rooms that spawn when someone requests going there and therefore you don't have a ton of players hanging out there defeating the purpose of the changes.

The OOC Lounge isn't meant for hanging out in, it's meant for a quick time out or when you really need to take a shit and don't have time to get somewhere safe.

If a tonne of people were hanging out there obviously active for more than ten or fifteen minutes we would likely drop them back in the IC world.

That said, due to @invis and disguises being in the game I personally would support a secondary OOC room where people can't see each other, so people can go there to empty their bowels without IC information being divulged if someone pops in for a peek.

I'm with Ravonic on this one.  I remember the days when there was no OOC-Chat.  IC relationships were.. different.  People got to know one anothers characters on a deeper level, as they didn't know the person behind them.  I am seriously considering this Newb-Chat option as opposed to OOC-Chat.  Any other ideas to go along with this?  Is there a benefit to OOC-Chat other than newbies?

The big benefit for OOC chat from my observation is somewhat two-fold.. One, Yes, it's beneficial when <Random>_Guest logs in so you can welcome them to the game and try to pick them up as a player.. the other reason is that it can give an outlet to socialize when you would otherwise not have an IC reason to socialize with folks..

Usually when things or slow (sometimes when it's not so slow as well) you hit those lulls where you run out of RP or things to do.. I feel the OOC channel in some ways encourages people to stay on which in turn helps with the population issues which Guardian mentioned in another post.

Is there a risk of meta-gaming relationships forming? Yeah, but that'd happen regardless of if there was a game-wide public channel or not.

And in regards to IC relationships being secondary and the issues that come with that.. It's all a matter of choice on the operator's part.. Either they choose to act accordingly with the character they've created, or they choose to cheapen the experience by allowing things to slip because they're more concerned with how the person playing the character will feel.

I feel that knowing the person behind the character helps you not get violently mad at the person behind the character when they totally fucked you over.  I have been seriously boned by players I consider OOC friends and have been able to put it into perspective because of this fact. I feel suddenly taking my ability away to do that, would serious damage my ability to join Sindome as a whole.

err seriously damage my ability to enjoy, that is.

I'm with Ravonic and Slither.  I also remember a time before OOC chat and it was more CP.  I think it was much easier to get involved in the game and not consider who's who and what's going down.   I think it is awesome for noobs, and would like the idea about noob chat.  

Other than helping people with the game mechanics, which should be allowed on ooc/noob chat at all times, I find OOC chat to be generally annoying and very distracting from the game in more ways than I can count.  

I recommend turning it off then, Jotun.

Hot about adding a notification on OOC chat when a guest connects?