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No Smoking
Ultra-petty crimes.

Crimes nobody gives a damn about, spandrels of the legal system; laws you break without a second thought.

If the law suspects you of something they can't prove or even just dislikes you, they can bring you in on some minor charge or petty offence that you'd forgotten even existed.

I might be reading too deeply into this idea, but I think it would probably be used for personality profiling, camfeed database records etc. If someone's smoking in a no-smoking store in the Cordoba mall, a camera might pick it up and file away a snapshot which a street Judge discovers months later while looking for an excuse to fuck up your life.

Just occured to me and it seemed like it would be easy to implement, so I plonked it in here. Smoking might not be a thematically correct example, I'm not sure.

Judges already do this to an extent, but instead of doing it over some little crappy thing you did, they just make some shit up and drag you in on it.   heh

Oh yes...I loved doing that.

I can't say that I totally hated having it done to me.  

I never got to do it to you :/
Now I'm sad.

I used to slap people with the most pettiest of shit if they made me  mad as carlito

Whoah now, lets not forget the other guy...that black guy...whatever his name was?

Scott, wasn't it?

(Edited by Claire at 8:16 am on July 7, 2009)