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Noticing thrown items
Noticing where thrown items come from

I think it would be neat if particularly perceptive people would notice from which direction a thrown item came, and perhaps, notice an item flying toward their vicinity before it is right up on them.

I always thought the direction it was from was shown but I saw recently it wasn't shown.

I agree. Knowing if it came from the street or the bathroom makes a difference in knowing which direction to chase after the person. Or have yourself chased after.

Knowing if it came from the alley or the rooftop would be handy.


I think they do notice it flying into the vicinity before it reaches them depending on their perception. Also, there are other factors to successfully grabbing the item. Timing is one of the things. ;)

I can see other people trying for it and failing get in the way too. Like two baseball players going for the same ball, neither one catches it when individually, both could have.

I, too, thought that you were typically shown where things came from when they were thrown, but recently I've seen that that's not the case. Also supporting this.

As for when you notice something coming, that's already tied to perception, I think.