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NPCs w/hood
Mix NPCs with covered faces

One thing I really like about the Mix is the constant flow of concealed identities floating around. I always get a tingle of "ruh-roh" when a concealed identity person walks in, they've got to be up to no good! It would be cool to see some NPCs wearing hoodies or ponchos, maybe based on how shady they are in their day-to-day goings on? Would just add a bit more of that ambient fear to the Mix that makes living there so fun.

It would be pretty entertaining, and cut down on some disguise metagaming, whether it's cognizant or not, to have some hooded random gen mixers running around.

Yeah, I know the GMs want to implement generic, forced descriptions with disguises but I agree having shrouded NPCs might help with metagaming.

I agree with this. Recently I have noticed that people, subconsciously or not, been accusing me of things due to my disguises color, nothing else usually. Even with changing up disguise colors, etc, I find that very meta that people assume that in the entirety of the city, there is only -one- 'color' poncho or hoodie. I think with NPC's walking around with ponchos, hoodies, etc will help cut down on that.

Yeah I've resorted to having two separate disguises and two separate macros to try and help with the meta.