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Omit Wounds From Glance/Look Summary


When you look or glance at someone you get a brief description of someones wounds. Something like:

SOMEONE is suffering from an ugly bruise and is in slight discomfort.

I would suggest that this be changed to :

SOMEONE is in slight discomfort.


Often one's bruise, scratch, cut or whatever is covered by clothing. If a character has a bruised foot but is wearing boots no one would know they are bruised. They would know if they seemed discomforted though.

Of course, there are times when a wound is located somewhere that is visible but the awesome @nakeds system already covers this. If I glance at someone and notice that they are discomforted, in pain, struggling to remain conscious or whatever I can then look at them to see if there are any visible wounds.

This is already the case when looking at anyone but yourself.

Really? I remember other characters asking about a laceration my character had under their clothes and figured they were seeing this in the summary like I did. No I am wondering how they knew or if it was just a guess!

Regardless, thanks for the info. My mistake!