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Oversized items.
And how they don't belong in your pockets.

I was just wondering how hard it would be to make some of the holdable items (SledgeHammers, shovels, pickaxes. Criket bats) unstashable.  Think it would make sense.

*shrugs and hits a bowl*

*hits it again*

*wanders off*

that isn't a good idea for the following two reasons,  coded storage space and the lack thereof,(packpacks, duffelbags and whatnot) I've used backpacks made of material as an rp tool, emote getting things out and putting things in, it isn't coded but (correct me if I'm wrong) it can justify you carring more things.  in any case I don't do it anymore so if it's not legit then oh, well, I've seen people do similar things though.

reason 2- say you have a huge coat on, or maybe a cloak, you could possibly, though akwardly conceal these items under your coat FOR A SHORT PEROID OF TIME or while standing still or something.

*eyes his surroundings*

What the hell do CP folk use trenchcoats for again?


I actuly asked about doing that, and was told it was a good idea, but no, it wasn't fair.  So I guess ya can't.

I was told by multiple other charcters it's ok, never got a admin word on it though.  in any case the trenchcoat thing still applies.

Quote: from Aikao on 7:59 pm on Dec. 27, 2003[br]*eyes his surroundings*

What the hell do CP folk use trenchcoats for again?


I use mine to be the chic-est coolest babe in town. ... oh, wait... /everyone/ has a damn trench, I stopped wearing the damn things 2 characters ago. �:-D �however, I did keep the cargo pants, i needs me pockets.

EDIT:: Correction, given the current nature of my character, i dont have mixer-type clothes.

(Edited by Tool at 9:58 am on Dec. 29, 2003)

Jotun hit the nail on the head.

When we have personal storage facilities, and equally importantly fatigue, we'll also have unstashable items.

Until then it is suggested that you RP it, and required that you pay attention to the amount of crap your carrying around on your person, and keep it IC.