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palm computers
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Eve

I've seen in the crowds of people on gold that people are using palm computers all over. I think It would be kinda cool to have those as a usable item for PC's.

By hand-held computer, I've taken to the assumption that they mean quickterms, in which, they are available to PC's. On the other assumption that they are decks, then it's on the 'list', though apparently still ways off...

Could be an e-note ...

Pac-West FreqMan's (spelling) fit that description the closest I believe.

No, they don't. E-notes do.


Surely it was a banana?

Haha.  You said "Kevar."  :)

Don't ask why I know this, but that was a bad guy in the WB series 'Roswell'

*grimaces* Yeesh. Well, it was good for the first season at least...