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Pathogens and Contagions

I was wondering if we could see, or ponder, the impossible (or possible) implementation of diseases in the MOO/MUD, their effect on stats, and even grosser, permanent deformities. Like shingles...or ebola...or rabies! Its far cleaner in the Gold then in the Red, and the Red is a filthy little stank-hole. A bullet to the head isn't the only way to go, and you can't afford to pay the bills if your company health plan cuts into your pay check. Wash those needles before using them, wear surgery masks outdoors, don't fondle strange rats, and make sure you sneeze into your elbow, dammit...

Zombie outbreak in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Diseases are already in the game.

Please stop posting and just make a character.

I beseech you to play the game and find it's magic =)

Everything will be answered, in time.

While the wiki and timeline are great resources, many things that are in game are not on them yet. Play the game, find these things out. There are many diseases included in game, many effects due to drugs, food, alcohol and similar, and a variety of other body related things that can happen from loosing limbs and getting them replaced and similar. So play the game and enjoy its beauty. You are only looking at a very very small amount of what it has to offer on the wiki.

Gobble gobble one of us! We accept her! Gobble gobble one of us!