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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Seven

I think when someone calls you on the phone, it should specify if they sound like a guy or a girl. Or something along those lines. ICly, you would be able to tell most of the time. There could also be an option to fake your vouice or some shit. ICly you would also recoginize friends voices, having heard them many times.

I know alot of people don't, but I try to emote the way my voice sounds, as well as sounds in the background.  and if I have spoken to the person multiple times before, and they know my name, I'll emote my name the first time they pick up:

*in 'my' calm cool voice* hey, how's it goin?

The problem I see with making a coded solution (Did I just use those two words?! Somebody shoot me) is that it would make phones unnecessarily complicated, and still not achieve anything very useful. Anyone smart doesn't rely on who the other person says they are or who they sound like, anyways. If I'm discussing shady business, I use very indirect phrases, and don't say much unless the other person says something that confirms their identity. Even then, don't trust phones or caller id, because anyone can just steal their phone and do their best impersonation of that person.

Phones work just fine as they are.