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Pick only held items for certain verbs
Hard to explain

Certain commonly used verbs - hold, drop, wear, remove, etc. - can only be used on objects you are carrying or wearing. However, if you're in a room where a similarly named item you're trying to interact with is on the floor (like, say, a closet), the game still picks from items on the floor when you use these verbs. If you're in your closet and want to 'wear pants', the game will tell you 'I don't know which 'pants' you mean', even though you're only carrying one pair of pants.

It would make things a lot more convenient if certain verbs only picked from items you have on your person! I'm not sure if there's an easy way to do it, but if there is, it would definitely make interacting with the game a lot easier.

'first pants' will always be in your inventory. I always do that as a rule of thumb no matter what.

That's good to know! I still think making the object picking a bit smarter would be a good 'quality of life' improvement, though. It's a pretty small inconvenience, but things like that add up, and I think it's worth it to iron out things like that wherever possible.

Usually the ones on you will be "1st". If you have two, it's first / second (that I have experienced).

If you know you're going to be around where more than one item of the same name is, just "count " then get/hold/stash/eat etc. Count green. Count jeans. Count phone. Wear 2nd pants. :) Give 2nd tea to name. Get 3rd brownie from kitchen.

It doesn't take time and it's simple. Plus already coded.

Have fun and give that 3rd brownie to someone.

I guarantee that if something were coded to automatically make use of one of multiple possible items, there would be at least as many bug reports and complains along the lines of "that isn't what I meant" as there have been times people thought "I wish the MOO knew what I meant".