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Please update the timeline?

I'm rather annoyed at this. For those who do not know, the timeline for this world we play in (on the new website, at least) stops about ten years before the actual in game date of 2099. This is aggravating, to say the least. As a newer player, I found myself at a loss when older players mentioned people and places that I feel like I should know about or at least have heard of. It is also hindering for gameplay as well. My first history draft was rejected because I went from the most recent date off of the timeline, 2090, instead of the actual IG year. I feel like this is a disparity the community should address. You've kept this game running for over ten years, could you please share some of those experiences with newer players?

The timeline is for MAJOR events and it's in the process of being updated for the more recent years. However, this doesn't include the type of events I think you're talking about that will let you get to know intimate details about past characters, etc. You can read the Withmore Globe for a good idea about the major events since 2085 for now.

I'm sure this is on 'The List', which is very long and full of many things that deserve being addressed. I'd believe it'll be worked on at some point.

That said, the game wiki is full of many famous characters / influential events. I believe anything in the game wiki is considered fair game IC knowledge, and it'll probably fill in some of the gaps you're looking for.

The only actual problem I see here is not having known the IC current year. This is the only time I've seen this particular problem be expressed.

I believe that most players find out right on the www.sindome.org homepage near the top that the game is set "85 years in the future", before they even log in. Others ask in Game-Help before writing a history.

It could be made more prominent, I suppose.

Otherwise, world events up to 2090 is plenty to develop a character history from. Immigrants aren't supposed to know all the world history unless they're ICly educated before immigrating. And immigrants aren't supposed to know Withmore history *at all*, no matter how long their *player* has been on Sindome. Still, you do have Lore and the Globe for helping your character get clied fast. The Globe is even available outside the MOO, under the Newsfeed part of the website.

I see a whole group of post 2090 timeline entries. Each DECADE is marked by a header in the timeline, not each year. Look at each entry to see what year its in. While there aren't 90 years worth of events occurring in that time frame, things did occur and are documented in the right timeline section.