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Prop weapons.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Akimov

Donno if this is in the game already, but what about prop weapons? i.e. katanas that don't kill (or would just relate to the melee skill, of blunt damage), because they are dulled out.
i.e., the katana's messages look like they are real messages, i.e. Aikao looks like he's slicing someone up.
but, in reality, (or with a char with enough perception or whatever might notice), there is no damage, and there is no cutting :p
in other words, it's a fake.
Same for guns-- blank cartridges, rubber bullets, and more elaborate bullets (i.e. paintball/blood bullets that deal no damage) could also be put into play.
.. however, one could still kill with those weapons (however, only with the intent of killing), but could 'fake kill' someone.
i.e. I can just do a regular kill, or a true kill. A regular kill might be something like, Akimov the mad doctor stands over Rychek, laughing, "Ha ha ha ha! Your refusal for a drink on the house is death!"
followed up by a: Akimov fires three successive shots of his BFG7000 into Rychek.
. though, all those shots were blank :p
Whereas, I could also do:
Akimov presses his BFG7000 into Rychek, pulling the trigger, splattering Rycheck's brains all over the ground.
whereupon, several armed Judges would walk in, but that's besides the point.
.. I think I sortof made the idea semi-coherent.