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rat catcher...
i want a club

ok... i don't REALLY want a club, flashlights work just fine.

but i was wondering why it's not possible to move a knocked out rat?... �you conk it on the head... drag it someplace interesting... uhm... heh.

just wondering. :biggrin:

if it is possible just conk me on the head and i'll be on my way mkay?

(Edited by Bias at 10:26 am on Jan. 16, 2003)

You're naughty Bias.


I thought you wanted a club like those with cards, monthly/yearly pay, pools and stuff

(Edited by Xeethot at 10:52 am on Jan. 16, 2003)

The following items also make fantastic clubs (and you can get em IC too!):

Cricket Bats
Hockey Sticks
Axe Handles
Baseball bats
Pipe Wrenches
Tire Irons
Wrecking Bars
NLM Quickterms
Emergency Flares, lit or unlit!
Wallets for that fake leathery softness!
Letters, ouch, a paper cut!

And MANY MANY more! Search your local in game flea markets, shopping centres and stores for more information and items that =you= can use to beat on rats! (and other things as well!)

Shoes! You should all beat on rats with shoes!

Heh, best one I ever saw was someone beating someone else with a lit cigarette and a pair of pants ..