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Recycling Chutes

I think that everything should give a minimum of one credit. I just cleaned up about thirty items of junk and some paid others didn't. I don't think it would be horribly game breaking if shitty immy clothes gave you 1 chy.

I do understand that but I also understand that it's shitty immy clothing.

Maybe there's something in the higher valued items that the mechanics of the chute can scan that the shitty 5 chyen immy clothing does *not* have?

Also, considering that the chute give a tiny percentage, and the amount the immy clothing gives would be less than 1 chy, round that down (favor goes to the city) and voila. ;)

Why would the city make it easier for someone to make money when they can?

[Also, RL experience:

A can recycling machine in California. 5 cents for every 2 cans. (2.5 cents each, not bad, not great.)

But if you only put in 1 can, you get 2 cents.

The chute reminds me of that machine to some degree.]