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Regulating SIC
Reserved aliases

I think certain aliases on SIC should be reserved...I know this is basically already in place but I'm talking about an extended version. For instance, there could be different applications of this feature if some extras were added:

1) Major corporation A wants to use SIC to boost productivity, natural since it's such a useful tool. SIC in it's current state they don't want, because it's so open. Company secrets could accidently be transmitted across the whole public freq.. aliases can be spoofed and who knows what else.

So Corp. A buys out a large segment of aliases reserved for its personelle. New employee's are issued the alias which can only be used by SIC ID # xxxxxxxxxxx.... Certain regulations would apply -

=> When you change your alias to your reserved one, you are cut off from the public channel ('cm' would maybe be automatically encrypted to the public freq?) and cannot 'cc' to anyone but other registered Corp. A accounts.

=> Other aliases that are registered to Corp. A appear in your 'who' list with a * next to their alias or have some fixed, verifiable symbol to indicate they are internal. Importantly this can only be spoofed by making the computer brain that handles SIC aliases think you are registered or some such thing. Also, whatever symbol is used should be restricted as well, i.e. you can't just add the * to your name and make believe.. this sort of thing

=> 'cm' or 'cc' within Corp. A would either be entirely invisible to the normal public freq. (naturally with various ways to gain unauthorized access) or would appear encrypted... 'cc's between Corp aliases could appear encrypted on the public freq as well to make things interesting..

=> Registration of aliases could be done from some kind of terminal in Corp. HQ. Special privileges for non-registered aliases could be applied in exceptional cases.. also special 'secure' links between Corp. A's private aliases and Corp. B's private aliases might be implemented...

2) Really basic. I think this should also, and *especially*, apply to the WJF.

=>New judges would be given reserved aliases that only their SIC chip, upon verification of their biometric signature, can use. i.e. WJF-ABCD can't be used by any old homeless Mixer.

=> All aliases beginning with "WJF-" should be reserved. All aliases like "WJFSUCKS" or "FUCKWJF" would also be 'reserved'... this kind of shit is already in place today with major corporations. Think of how severe this kind of censorship would be in Withmore City.

3) 'SICAD' should be reserved damnit!

It's authoritarian and nasty and may contribute to reducing the bullshit and fun of SIC... but I think these features would actually contribute to the overall feel of Sindome....so fuck you!

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 3:59 pm on April 4, 2006)


I've seen corpie characters doing this, but there's nothing stopping random mixer #16632 as logging on as "SK-Joe" and then spouting off at the mouth like a disgruntled employee.

My vote's for talking publicly, encrypted. As much as I hate it IRL, I do like knowing there are people talking that I can't understand ingame.

...and also I'd like to see that even if you have a corp SIC account, you can use something more anonymous if you so choose. There's restrictions, then there's restrictions.
Think about it as being 'on-call' for work. Some times, you just don't wanna be thinking about the office.

Of course, people wouldn't always have to use a 'registered' SIC alias.. and yeah, I guess just reserving the aliases would remove the need for complex changes to SIC if you just encrypted everything.

But my thing was more like a dedicated SIC channel so Corpie's wouldn't even THEMSELVES be allowed to talk to other people (when using their business account). Or even receive messages from outsiders.  

Like a firewall. Whether or not the alias would be completely invisible to the 'outside' is another story.

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 3:57 pm on April 4, 2006)

Kinda like how I can't look at fun websites at school because I should be doing "work". :)

As long as there is a way around it. I can't even count the times I've used "social engineering" to properly distort or otherwise warp a situation in my favor.

So on this model, like 90% of aliases wouldn't be registered and you could social engineer all you want... except for corps and the law it would be harder. you'd need to hire someone knowledgeable to do it for you if you didnt know how yourself..

I agree, I think at the very least, I think anything with th 'WJF' in it should be a reserved alias.  

    Reserving SIC aliases should be easy from a coding point of view if there is a field in each character for an employer.  (supposibly there is, because you supposedly can not run crates after you get hired by a corp.  How else would the game know?)  add a few line of code that query this field when you try and change your Alias.  If your SIC prefix (WJF-) doesn't match your employer (WJF) then you are denied that alias prefix.  I don't know about mixing the prefix into your Alias string, something like FuckWJF still might slip by. But that is part of the fun, how else are we supposed to stick it to the man?
     As for not having any interaction with the rest of the SIC community when you are on a "corp" channel,  I think that is possible but a little more coding than is nessassary.  Besides if the comchannel is encrypted but still available, What happens when you steal the key?  Personally I want to steal the WJF crypto-key and sell it for small fortune on the street.  Can you imagine the chaos you could create with our cities finest? Can you Say PayData?

Personally I want to steal the WJF crypto-key and sell it for small fortune on the street.  Can you imagine the chaos you could create with our cities finest? Can you Say PayData?

No comment. :boom:

As for the rest...
Reserved aliases are interesting but it just makes it easier for us corpie to type get all OOC and SICo like. What I'd like to see is more encrypted channels of relevance. Perhaps even a corporate phonebook issued to employees and possibly even the WJF. Just in case you wanna have access to the other drones, contacts is all you really have a a corpie. In a place as lonely as gold, it wouldn't hurt to have a little help.

Naturally, upper echelon would be unlisted and mixer's [and mixer sympathizers]would be blacklisted caught dead on there but it could prove valuable. Perhaps even containing such relevant information as resume's.

I've gone horrifically off-topic...but basically what I'm saying is we should a SIC accessable database that one day when the grid is fixed can be just as accesable.

There's an incredible amount of information in game and most if it is never seen. Hidden away on E-note's and other closed technology. If we can increase the universal access of data, we can increase the flow of information. Topside: things don't travel by word of mouth.

Quote: from ReeferMadness on 2:40 am on April 6, 2006[br]What I'd like to see is more encrypted channels of relevance. Perhaps even a corporate phonebook issued to employees and possibly even the WJF. Just in case you wanna have access to the other drones, contacts is all you really have a a corpie. In a place as lonely as gold, it wouldn't hurt to have a little help.

Yes. Yes yes yes.
I loveses the encrypted SIC talk.
Glad to know I'm not the only one.

*votes for this and most of the rest of Reefer's statement*

The problem with encrypted SIC right now, is that if anyone aside from the WJF uses it, the entire fucking playerbase KNOWS that a group of people is talking.  The WJF starts to take notice.  It's happened ICly, in a city of 65 milllion, a small group of people using an encrypted SIC channel should -not- be noticed unless there using aliases that draw attention.

I'm going to go ahead and say I think we need some ambient encrypted SIC messages to desensitize everyone to them.

I don't feel like people using encrypted SIC should have to change their alias after each message, but that -is- the case.

I agree that there should be ambient encrypted SIC that is not Judge chatter. Because I love ambience, and because it would serve a purpose. As for a spam problem, it doesn't have tobe A LOT of chatter, but the occasionaly encrypted convo.

+1 The ambient SIC alias tags:: Although I enjoy the humour, the fact that I can identify ALL the non-player aliases by the tag + the other aliases that practically never change *defeats the purpose* of there being ambeint SIC aliases at all. So, more aliases with out clever tags should be added in my opinion. ( I think FS agreed with me on this one ).

Yeah, agreed.  If it's not futurama, its probably a player.  *chuckles*

oooh, Ambient encrypted sic... I'll have to get one of the coders on that.