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You know. Like walking but faster.

Everyone except the extremely feeble walk at more-or-less the same pace.

A "run <direction> <direction> <direction>" command would be great.

Naturally you wouldn't be able to just do it all the time. Even on a full stomach or whetever, right? But at times that burst o' speed would rock. With consequences, natch.

Consequences like running on a full stomach will make you have the squirts and ruin the cloths you are wearing with snail trails and caca smells.

Haha, not what I had in mind when thinking about running making you "poooped out" but there you have it.

Your movement speed is based off your agility. You'll see attempting to follow someone with a much higher agility you'll constantly get left behind.

A sprint command would be awesome though. Doubling your speed for a short time. Like sprint e e e e n n n n n instead of go and it could tire you out in the exact same way as stealth does.

If something like this were implemented would the "follow" command attempt to match the sprint automatically?

How's about 'shadow' 'follow' and 'chase' @ Swash.

The problem with "chase" would be they have already started running and are already out of the room you are in. But if they are simply walking and your are following and they suddenly start sprinting, would your follow attempt match the sprinting, is what I was asking.

if they are simply walking and your are following and they suddenly start sprinting, would your follow attempt match the sprinting

Based on result of a perception check, maybe? I didn't think about it originally but why not.