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Saturday night fire fight
bring it back!

It was a good game.  It was on TV. It had prize monies.
It attracted alot of people to sign on and watch. I say NLM should bring that sshit back.

I second the motion.

Any chance of this becoming a possibility? Could be a great way to generate a Player base, make money and who doesn't wanna watch two chums beat the hell out of each other?

I think it could definitely be a possibility.  I will discuss it with the other GMs.

A bar with a fighting cage and some kind of implementation of the current betting system could work out well also.

That's what I was thinking. And like todays UFC you could even come up with weight classes, have belts, maybe make a few NPC fighters until a large enough PC fighters join up and what not. Could also be a good time to install a few gyms, where players could spar and work out to prepare for their next fight. Even have players fighting out of different levels.
"All the way from GOLD District, it's <insert name here>!!"

Put the ring & gym in Red's Finest. Place is a ghost town anyways. Make the strippers into ring girls.

Actually, there's an unused arena up on Knife Street just north and west of Surplus & Shit.  Get that set up with video feeds, food vendors, and a betting area, and there you go.  Maybe bring back my old char Cerberus as an NPC freakfighter, lol!



I just had a great image of people in a televised gunfight on the NLM landing pad, bystanders watching safely from the VIP room at Korova. Somebody gets pushed off, has his paraglider ready, lands and in a few minutes is in another fight in the elevator on his way back up to the still-brewing firefight.

I remember seeing a poll about this in the IC forums. Whatever happened to this thing? It would have probably been the -one- tv show my character would have actually watched too. :(

I think there just aren't enough PCs around to participate any more.

Maybe we should bring in a bunch of NPCs to fill in the gaps if not enough PCs volunteer each week? One from each gang? Some security guys? Someone from orbital? Make it culture and faction wars. GMs could even use @holdback on the NPCs to give the poor newblet PC a fighting chance.

This is leading me to the re-occuring thought that we need recyclable NPCs. One who the game can afford to lose permanently, if it comes to that. One who has no history except what the GM puppeting it decides is needed for the interaction with the PC. Would add a lot of flexibility. Or maybe you can just grab one of the random pickpocket-me-please corporate spam NPCs and throw some mixer clothes on them or something.

(Edited by Lena at 6:04 pm on Aug. 22, 2010)

WHOA just throwing out there I just hit 256 posts of RGB glory!

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