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Scream, shriek, howl
It's a monster!

So I'll just get straight to the point.

There should be an @social called "scream" or "shriek". Characters would be able to hear it from nearby rooms. Sort of like the "shout" command. Let me give you an example:

From somewhere nearby you hear a shriek.


From the north you hear a scream.

This way, players can use it quickly when their characters are in trouble...I mean let's think about it. Somebody shoots you and the first thing you would do is scream, not "HELP!" or "NOOOO!". Okay...So maybe you would cry for help, but, shush.

It's faster to type anyways (in case of emergencies).

The wild dog pounces on you, sinking its teeth in your calf.

You open your mouth and let out a ear piercing scream.

I like this.

Shout is a full-fledged command already, it's not a social. And you can shout "shriiiek!"

Great idea.

Shout is a full-fledged command already, it's not a social. And you can shout "shriiiek!"

Yes, you can shout "shriiiek", but you have to take more time to type that. And if that was the option, I would rather my character cry out 'Help!', just so she doesn't look like a wimp. :d

Nice suggestion. I'd use it.

One could easily do this with the use of @macros. So, you simply type '~scream' or whatever, and it sends out whatever shout you think your character is most likely to make in said situation.

And additionally sends the pose or emote which is your preferred description for the action you want your character to act.

Good idea, Geks.