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SIC in room title
and other shits

It'd be helpful if it was displayed in the room title whether or not you had signal. Since IC, SIC is assumed to be millions of voices droning and chattering all the time, it should be easier to tell if you have signal or not just by walking into a room.

Also, a @look_place that sets what it says when you sleep!
The difference between "Billy is sleeping here" and "Billy is passed out in a festering pile of his own vomit and feces."

granted, @look_place can be hard enough to keep track of, so maybe it could unset on disconnect.

I like the sleeping idea. I've often though, Damn I wish I could put in here that I'm sleeping -however or wherever- so that when whoever wakes up they don't assume things.

The only problem I could think of would be if you're grappled and dragged around...