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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Xiao

I think it would be cool if at random times the sic puppy would be a Sick puppy and when he sniffs peoples legs, he begins to hump them...thus the -sick- puppy. maybe based on the persons charisma, if it's high enough make the dog be attracted to them...just for humor's sake.

Which corperation is sponsoring this ad exactly?


is SIC part of NLM? who knows....but i think it'd make a very amusing glitch in thier programming department. make for some cool jabs at the corpies for the REDers

:sniper: :boom:

hee hee

No, dude. The spoof.

I ment which corperation is sponsoring this SIC ad spoof. Just didn't seem likely that a corperation would do that.

Now a hacker on that other hand is a different story all together.

(Edited by Kevlar at 7:10 pm on June 24, 2003)

Considering the SIC is required by the city and the SICPuppy is reminding you to get one, well, I'd say the city. And nothing says bad public service announcement like a hologram attempting to hump your leg.

Now, once hacker characters are able to make holograms (yes, this will happen), then I'm sure it'll be possible to hack the SICPuppy into doing this.

damn... just when i'm leaving you get the cool shit. fuckers. I'll get you all!  BASTARDS!!



:sniper: :boom:
hee hee

Quote: from SindomePlayer on 9:34 pm on June 24, 2003[br]@idea from Xiao

I think it would be cool if at random times the sic puppy would be a Sick puppy

Tool, you do realize that the SICPuppy was originally just a really bad pun?

Sometimes I think only Rastus realized it.