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Skill Reversal
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Katie

This is implemented in AO, and it's a good idea I think. It'd be very spiffy if we could drop the skill, and gain back the UE points in it. Before everyone rips it to shreds, I don't mean any skill under any circumstances as much as you want. Not even close. I don't want it to be something you can do with a skill you work on a lot and suddenly just want to 'trade in' for another skill. But today I dropped 3 UE ( a lot to me) into skill 14, instead of 24, just because my mind/fingers slipped. I think it should be for a limited number times, and only for a skill with so much UE in it. I want this to be a catch-something in case your fingers slip, not a way to change your character mid-steam. Thoughts?

I'm sure you could just xhelp the admin if you make a mistake like that, and see if they'll help you.

Actually, I did. But apparently that can't/won't.

I understand your frustration, but 3 UE isn't that much. Just wait a while, you'll get staggering skill demands. Once you hit the curve it skyrockets.

hrm.... 3 UE is a lot in the beggining :P

at least i thought so.

but then... i had no clue what skills or stats n stuff where.. or RPing for that matter.. so i'll hush now. ;)


but yeah i've done that once or twice...  

i guess you chalk it up to evil keyboards


I don't think they would.  Life's a bitch.  But's it better than asking and getting a find out ICly right?

I like the idea, kinda.  You should be able to get th at back, and if I had wasted 3 ue on accident I would want it back.  But I don't forsee it happening.