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The digital enhancment thereof

How about skin watches. Fluoro digital readout is transferred to the skin much the same way temporary tattoos from show bags are. Using a fixed molecular lattice the digital readout simply reorganises itself as the seconds count down. When it reaches the zero point (the total number of seconds encoded) it fades away, the molecular structure breaking down and will finally be removed with a shower. I'm thinking 100c for a 2 week skin watch.

This of course has all sorts of other interesting applications as well...

That is a tight idea.  Not only would it come in handy, but it would give PC tatooists or whatever that have the ability to do this, repeat business.

But would you have to not shower to keep it on?
'Twould be rather icky, no?

It's bonded to your skin for the duration of the count down. Won't wash off or be scratched off either, it just reforms. It would be as if someone projected a neon LED onto your skin. You wouldn't even feel it. No heat or anything.