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Small, Medium, and Large Canvasses
Which one is juuuuuust right?

So, there is a shop that sells canvasses somewhere in the game. However, the details about how big each of these are are only available if you have the object; the details aren't in the item description.

An answer was given to me that small is about half a meter long, medium a meter, and large about 1.33 meters. It'd be really helpful if these bits of size info were added to their descriptions, this way we'd know :)

the only practical difference after you turn them into paintings is the value.

As a painter, you can spell out in the text of the painting any size you want, or, as mostly happens, no size at all.

When it's on the wall, you can't tell what kind of canvas it was.

From a roleplaying stance, it is important, and the game is about roleplaying! If we were just worried about practical sense, rooms wouldn't have descriptions.